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Article List for Review

Articles for review are listed below. Please check your name from class list and see the number
of articles assigned to you. The template for report can be downloaded from my personal homepage.
Note: For the articles from History of Political Economy visit following link: http://hope.dukejournals.org
You have to connect this link either by using networked resources on-compus (at PC labs) or by installing  proxy. For off-campus access click here

  1. Gould, J.D. (1955) “The Trade Crisis Of the Early 1620’s and English Economic Thought”, The Journal of Economic History. XV:2:121-133.
  2. Aspromourgos, Tony (1988) "The life of William Petty in relation to his economics: a tercentenary interpretation", History of Political Economy, 20(3): 337-356;
  3. Brewer, Anthony (1988) “Cantillon and the Land Theory of Value”, History of Political Economy, 20(1): 1-14;
  4. Thornton, Mark (2007) “Cantillon, Hume, and the Rise of Antimercantilism” History of Political Economy, 39(3): 453-480.
  5. Landreth, Harry (1975) "The Economic Thought of Bernard Mandeville", History of Political Economy. 7:2:193-208.
  6. Samuels, Warren J.(1961) “The Physiocratic Theory of Property and State”, Quarterly Journal of Economics. 75:96-111.
  7. Neill, Thomas P. (1948) “Quesnay and Physiocracy”, Journal of The History of Ideas. 9:153-172.
  8. Samuels, Warren J.(1962) “The Physiocratic Theory of Economic Policy”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 76:145-162.
  9. Brewer, Antony (1999) “Adam Ferguson, Adam Smith and The Concept of Economic Growth”, History of Political Economy. 31:2:238-54.
  10. Macdonald, Stephen L. (1954) “Boisguilbert: A Neglected Precursor of Aggregate Demand Theorists”, Ouarterly Journal of Economics. LXVIII:3:401-414.
  11. Evensky, Jerry (1987) "Two Voices of Adam Smith: Moral Philosopher and Social Critic", History of Political Economy. 19:3:447-468
  12. Anspach, Ralph, (1972)"The Implications of the Theory of Moral Sentiments for Adam Smith's Economic Thought", History of Political Economy. 4:176-206.
  13. Meek, Ronald L. (1971) “Smith, Turgot, and the “Four Stages” Theory”, History of Political Economy, 3(1): 9-27;
  14. Meek R. L. ve A. S. Skinner (1973) "The Development of Adam Smith's Ideas On the Division Of Labour", Economic Journal. 83:1094-1116.
  15. Hollander, Samuel (1977) Ricardo and the Corn Laws: A Revision, History of Political Economy, 9(1): 01-47;
  16. Roy J. Ruffin (2002) David Ricardo's Discovery of Comparative Advantage, History of Political Economy, 34(4): 727-748;
  17. Rashid Salim (1981) “Malthus' Principles and British economic thought, 1820–1835”, History of Political Economy, 13(1): 55-79;
  18. Hollander, S. (1969) “Malthus and the Post-Napoleonic Depression, History of Political Economy”, 1(2): 306-335;
  19. Brewer, Anthony (2009) “On the Other (Invisible) Hand...” History of Political Economy, 41(3): 519-543;
  20. Samuels, Warren J. and Steven G. Medema (2005) “Freeing Smith from the “Free Market”: On the Misperception of Adam Smith on the Economic Role of Government” History of Political Economy, 37(2): 219-226;
  21. Perelman, Michael (1983) “Classical Political Economy and Primitive Accumulation: the Case of Smith and Steuart”, History of Political Economy, 15(3): 451-494;
  22. Tribe, Keith (1999) Adam Smith: Critical Theorist? Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Jun., 1999), pp. 609-632.
  23. Hunt, E.K. (1977) “Value Theory in the Writings of the Classical Economists, Thomas Hodgskin, and Karl Marx”, History of Political Economy, 9(3): 322-345.
  24. King, J. E. (1983) Utopian or Scientific? A Reconsideration of the Ricardian Socialists History of Political Economy, 15(3): 345-373.
  25. Winch, Donald (1975) "The Emergence of Economics As a Science 1750-1870", C. M. Cipolla (Ed.), Fontana Economic History of Europe: 1700-1914. Vol.3. Glasgow:Collins-Fontana Books.pp. 507-573. (Available at Beytepe Library)
  26. Perelman, Michael (1978) “Karl Marx's Theory of Science” Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 12, No. 4 (Dec., 1978), pp. 859-870
  27. Sowell, Thomas (1967) “Marx's Capital after One Hundred Years”, The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science / Revue canadienne d'Economique et de Science politique, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 50-74
  28. Raymond De Rover (1955) “Scholastic Economics: Survival and Lasting Influence from the Sixteenth Century to Adam Smith” The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 69, No. 2, pp. 161-190

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