4 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

Some Questions For Study

The questions below are just for study

-Why a reformist programme could not be formulated in the framework of utiltarian theory? Discuss by considering the thoughts of J.S. Mill ?

-How do you assess the coexistence of utilitarian and radical thoughts in Ricardian Socialist tradition.

-How did Senior's thought on methodology pave the way for neoclassical school.

-How does "Say's Law" operate?

-How did Say, Senior and Bastiat object labor theory of value? What were the common and different elements in their objection?

-What is the role of Senior's abstinence theory in the development of marginalist approach.

-What is the possible explanation of Bastiat's conservatism?

-Why did Karl Marx criticize classical political economy?

-What are the difference between Ricardian socialists aproach to labor theory of value with that of Karl Marx?

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